We support your Business

We planning for our custumers functional, charming and with aesthetic details.
The formal and real perfection, which we research with passion and perseverance, make our landing page successful in business environment.
The studied and optimized strategy ( based on the new web society demands), support the trasformation of users in faithful users.



Alllows to create and manage successful and professional email email marketing campaign.
The 100% mobile-friendly technology make it a user-friendly instrument able to reach all clients by pleasant newsletter in a short time. The practical design support the real attendance in call to action estabilishing the increase of ROI.

StoryTelling: tell the history of your brand!

Surround emotionally the user and make it in love with a visuall narration. There are suffice few touchs to accompany the user in a worlld composed by virtual page, full of smatphone oriented images and texts and videos.


Mobile Solutions

To choose iDigital Company mean to enter in a explosive Business use a 10 year know-how: iDigital is the first company overall to have developed a real rip-off Business development way in Mobile Marketing.